Inner Space Therapy (IST) is an interactive technique of self-discovery and past-life regression. It is aimed at promoting emotional freedom through self-awareness, overcoming fears and releasing negative emotional patterns and blockages. IST is a tool to find and free your deepest and truest parts, bringing clarity, self-confidence and joy.

Through a meditative space of relaxation, you will be gently guided beyond the ordinary mind to become aware of deep patterns and limiting behavior. The emotional scars and traumas of your past (or past lives) can keep you from your very best. IST will help to unlock and release these imprints. It is this unlocking that will enable you to see and know yourself as you truly are, and to move toward your highest potential.

Beyond emotional work and regression therapy, IST is also a technique to map consciousness in general. It can strengthen your connection with and awareness of the non-physical presences, energy and spirit that interact with you in many unseen ways. IST can also bring deep states of union with the divine and profound glimpses into existence and of your most evolved self.

IST was created and developed by Samuel Sagan, and the Clairvision School of meditation.

Robert Volinsky is a registered Clairvision® IST Practitioner and Entity Clearer.