This training prepares you to take on a bigger role as a teacher and master practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki. Taught in a series of personalized classes, the focus is on exploration and self-discovery through the understanding of Reiki as a spirtual path. This training is offered one-on-one, by request.

This training will deepen your practice and knowledge of Reiki through direct experience. Each master training is customized to match each students personal goals and interests, while also covering level three basics:

*Learn the attunement process and how to initiate new students

*Learn the elements to being an effective professional level teacher and/or practitioner

*Discover and cultivate your own healing gifts and abilities

*Shed light on those obsticles that stand in the way of being a better practitioner

*Develop a deeper understanding of what Reiki is, how and when it works best

*Explore ways to support your Reiki abilities

*Receive the level three attumenent

If this training is of interest to you, please contact the office for more information.