Classes are offered ongoing throughout the year, except during summer months. Currently scheduled classes are noted in red below. For private classes and corporate consultations, contact the office directly for rates.

Reiki One - Beginner

Reiki One class teaches you a simple yet powerful way to connect to the healing energy of your body, and how to promote a deep sense of relaxation and comfort. Reiki treatments have been shown to reduce stress, balance the body and speed recovery.  NEXT CLASS, April 2, 2016

Introduction to Essential Oils


What are essential oils anyway? Begin to understand how to use essential oils for physical, emotional and mental well-being, and how to apply and use oils safely and for maximum benefit. 

Reiki Two - Distance Healing

Learn how to heal your emotional self. This class includes techniques that will enable you work beyond space and time. You will learn how to promote protection and energetic safety, how to send energy to your future projects or past traumas, and how to send distance healing to others.

Essential Oils for Bodyworkers & Healers

Designed for massage therapists, energy workers and other health practitioners, this class will offer you specific ideas of how to confidently use the power of pure essential oils to enhance the effect of your treatments. 


Reiki Three - Master

This training prepares you to take on a bigger role as a teacher and master practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki. Taught in a series of personalized classes, the focus is on exploration and self-discovery through the understanding of Reiki as a spirtual path. This training is offered one-on-one, by request.

Meditation for Beginners!

Clarity, stillness, inner-peace and better health. These are some of the benefits you may experience through meditation. Learn the basics and discover it’s simpler than you thought.