There are many different styles of meditation, but one property that many of them share is the goal to quiet the mind, and open the way for us to experience ourselves in a different state of awareness.

Our ordinary mind is our inner world of thoughts and feelings, and it is where and how we spend most of our time and how we interface with the world. The ordinary mind likes to categorize and define experiences, reason and make sense, sift, organize, delineate and define. It is the “blah blah blah” and ongoing dialogue in our heads as well as our automatic reactions, beliefs and emotions that seemingly happen without our control.

Because most of us have only experienced this ordinary mind, we have accepted by default that it is synonymous with being conscious and awake. It has become habit and addiction. But the fact is, within the realm of human consciousness, it is only part of what we are able to experience.

Regression therapy, or past life therapy as it is also called, comes in many shapes and sizes. In the kind of regression work that I offer clients called ISIS (Inner Space Interactive Sourcing), the goal is about self knowing and exploration of consciousness with the purpose of knowing oneself. Clients often come with the intention to understand an emotional pattern or event in their life when other more traditional means have failed. They often feel stuck in being able to change behavior, almost feeling like they are acting on automatic. They keep finding themselves repeating negative experiences, or having the same reactions or outcomes over and over.

Clients come to address all kinds of issues, like wanting to understand why their relationships always end the same way, or why they are afraid of certain experiences.

The goal of regression therapy, and ISIS, is to source the cause of such feelings. This often means going back to a time earlier in this life, or another life. The purpose is to feel deep inside yourself while being guided to relax and go deep and uncover events in the past that have caused some kind of emotional or mental scar. These scars or "samskaras" have a way of etching a certain pattern into the psyche. So strongly in fact, that it can carry its effect with us through this life, and future lives. Think of it like a kind of “computer program” that runs automatically on  its own. It's often beyond our awareness. We often don’t see it’s there. Yet we wonder why we are repeating the same behaviors again and again.

therapeutic massage for womenMost therapists realize that your first massage is a special occasion. Either you are looking for an opportunity to relax and regain a feeling of calm, or you are trying to rid yourself of discomfort caused by an injury or medical condition. It is our job to put you at ease!

We know for some first-timers that not knowing what to expect can bring about apprehension or anxiousness. In fact, I have seen clients put off treatment for years because of concerns about comfort, self-consciousness or fears from not knowing what to expect.

In that spirit, I offer this list. I hope it will help answer your questions or concerns about massage so you can go and fully enjoy!

..or is it 20/20 Hindsight?

Recently a client asked me if I believed that everything happens for a reason. This seems to be a pretty popular belief amongst many of us who have adopted modern spiritual paths. The rationale goes something like this: If I am walking on the street and a brick falls on my head, have I in some way attracted the experience to myself? Was there is something in my energy or in my intention, whether conscious or unconscious, that called the accident to me as a wake up call, an opportunity to learn something or get a message?

ways to reduce stress

It can be hard to enjoy life and its many pleasures when stress gets the best of us. It zaps our energy, distracts us from connecting and being present with others, and ultimately can effect our health. Though without much effort, there are a lot of little ways that pay off big to help us deal with stress and reduce it’s unwanted effects.

Here are 10 simple things you can include in your life right now!