profession therapist massaging low backDon't underestimate the power of healing touch! Sometimes what a client needs most is simply to rest and feel better after a day or stressful week. As a NY state licensed massage therapist, I often work with clients who are seeking to feel better in their bodies.  

The stress of their day and life often impacts in minor (or not so minor) discomforts, and sometimes injury. Massage therapy is a tried and true remedy to help people get back to a place of more ease and comfort.

(by guest blogger Emily Cavelier, Herbal Practitioner, Dietary Coach and Chef)nourishingroots

Winter invites us to the underworld. In this time, we have have two tendencies: to seek comfort finding an ally in the darkness, and to tend our inner flame - holding space for the light and warmth of the sun.

There are many ways to recognize the season’s unique opportunities through self care, including meditation and awareness of the solar and lunar cycles, cooking with nutrient dense food, herbs, and spices, or simply savoring a cup of tea!

The clocks have been turned back. As the sun sets earlier and earlier at this time of year, more darkness surrounds us and the colder weather contracts us inward. We go to the cave of our animal nature seeking warmth and comfort.

In this cave, darkness is not the darkness of negativity, despair, gloominess, or obscurity. It's a more ancient darkness: the darkness of rich soil, the darkness which allows space for creativity and regeneration. Only with the contrast of darkness can we experience the shine of the moon, the force of that feminine power, moving the tides of the earth and the tides of our bodies.