burning away memories releasing the past

I recently erased my past. I burned all my journals. I had been journaling since I was 21 years old, and had accumulated about 15 hard bound books of personal history, emotions, poetry and pictures... I decided it all had to go.

It was an incredibly liberating experience. My partner Billy helped me build the fire, and one by one I put the books into the flames. Watching the pages burn made me feel light and free. It was clear to me I had made the right choice. I did this after it occurred to me one day that these journals held on to a “me” that no longer existed. I had chronicled tales of woe most of all, using the pages to escape, express and emote. It was so healing to write the words of emotions during those times... Feelings I felt I couldn’t share with anyone.

hand_reaching_lightDo you want to have more of something, be better at something, want a certain experience? Or are you focused on what you don’t want to have, don't want to be or don’t want to happen.  

The power of positive wantings over negative wantings can seem subtle and similar at first. But the effect on your energy, and what you bring forth in your life can be profoundly different. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between positive and negative wantings. After all, it is often by experiencing something negative- something we don’t want - that alerts us to the fact that we crave and desire something different. This can be a positive force for change. But by focusing mostly on a state or a thought we wish not to have, we wind up attracting that very thing to us.

We often feel the seasons in the background of our busy lives. But what if we more fully invited the cycle of the seasons into our lives? Indeed, living with the flow of the seasons as our earlier ancestors did was largely because their lives were often at the mercy of them. They didn’t have all the luxuries and comforts and conveniences that we now have, and so they did not have a choce but to live in the influence of the yearly cycle.

But in many ways we now live at the other extreme. Sometimes barely noticing the seasnal flow, accept on days that it captures our attention.

winter time is for stillness

With Winter’s official start this week, we begin the season when nature sleeps. All of nature retreats into intself and begins resting in a deep hybrination. There is a full pause. 

Everything living needs rests. And winter, the most internalized time is a time for stillness.  Like nature, we can also find activities to replenish our resources during this season. 

By moving more inward, sleeping more, meditating and reflecting, we can also move more inward to replenish our resources. Taking time to contemplate who we are, where we are and reflecting on some of our deeper wantings and desires that have not yet come to fruition will do this. It helps us to gather up our emotional resources which we may have scattered about through our many projects and doings of the year.

radiant light shining through a leafWe’ve all had times when we have felt and looked our best. These tend to be times when there is an inner feeling

of balance that seems to radiate outward from somewhere deep inside. It’s like a feeling of confidence, vitality and balance that somehow shines through, making us look and feel fantastic. And it tends to be quite magnetic to the people around us.

Keeping your body, mind and spirit in balance is the key to looking and feeling good. How can we create and maintain this feeling more often? Here are some simple steps that can lead you in the right direction: