Like the infinity of the universe, time and the meaning of life, Reiki can be challenging to wrap our minds around! Yet, we are already in it and part of it. But how does it work?

In our natural and balanced state, the body is filled with a kind of light, a vitality and radiance. We experience this light as feelings of peace, optimism, resourcefulness and the joy of a strong healthy body.

This light comes as a result of how we treat our bodies, the nature of our environment, our relationships, level of stress, and mental and spiritual health. Our bodies and spirit tend to vibrate with these elements. It’s why we tend to feel great around things that promote life, like a day in nature, eating a healthy meal, or having a great laugh with a good friend.

But it is also why we feel badly after having a stressful day at work, a long airplane flight or from eating poorly. If we consistently expose our bodies to stress, low quality food, negative thoughts, toxic people and environments, our bodies begin to resonate with them. We start to overwhelm the system.

Through resonance, Reiki can begin to move the body back toward balance with its life promoting vibration. Reiki can slowly and gently begin to shift these things naturally and has a positive cumulative effect. It can be used in conjunction with any western medical treatment, and as such should never be used as a replacement for medicine. They work great together!

As humans, we have evolved in close relationship to the Earth’s life supporting vibration provided through the food, air, water and sun we innately rely on. What will happen if our environment becomes so polluted that it can no longer support the health and balance of our bodies? Reiki can help supplement that need.

Instead of asking “How does Reiki work?”, perhaps we should ask “Why does the body heal?” Why is it that the body continually tries to seek balance and regeneration despite the hardships and stresses that life brings? What is behind that momentum?

Despite what challenges we may throw in the way, the body always attempts to recover and heal. It doesn’t always survive, but it always tries.

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