rocky2I love doing energy work with animals. Unlike humans, who sometimes override their feelings and perceptions or get confused and wonder, "Is this real?" you can always count on an animal to let you know where they stand. If your energetic treatment is effective, you will see it on the animal's face, in their eyes, and in their manner and behavior. They either respond or don't.

Animals are not shy. They will not hesitate to jump on top of you for some energetic attention, or nonchalantly walk away when they are done. Doubt, disbelief and wishful thinking may interfere when treating people, but never animals.

In my practice, I have had some wonderful opportunities to work with animals in formal and informal settings. I have had many chances to give a friend's dog or cat a juicy dose of Reiki while they sit upon my lap or at my feet. And more formally, I am sometimes asked to help energetically address an animal's illness, emotional distress or behavioral issues. These can be the result of parasitic energies (entities) that have attached themselves to the pet, sometimes resulting in health changes or personality shifts. Other times the cause may be more physical, such as pain from surgery, injury or chronic illness.

Many of the pets I work with come to me as a referral from a fantastic and very talented Animal Communicator names Sharon Loy ( Sharon always impresses me with her insight and perception. She has helped many pets and their owners find answers to mysterious conditions that have eluded veterinarians. But also Sharon provides a way for pet and provider to communicate thoughts and feelings that each are incapable of conveying on their own. Sharon works distantly from her home in Arizona, making her accurate observations even more impressive. She is excellent, and I enjoy collaborating with her.

Here are some of my highlights from working with animals:

Rio came to me via Sharon. Having had received treatment for meningitis, he has a titanium mesh and shunt implanted into his brain to allow for drainage. Rio, a very sweet Jack Russell Terrier, was experiencing sharp pains in his head that would often be debilitating. He was confused, sometimes reacting as if his owner was the cause. Rio responded to energy work very well by immediately being more joyful and playful following treatment. It made a big change in his healing, indicated by less pain and reduced inflammation over the following weeks. It's been a slow recovery but now headed in the right direction.


Rocky is a a 7 year-old French Bulldog, who started having chronic spinal issues right after his third birthday. By age 5, he had suffered two disk herniations, resulting in paralysis in his hind legs, and  two surgeries.  He had a hard time recovering from his second surgery and was faced with constant relapses and pain. In Rocky's session with Sharon, she perceived  a parasitic energy along Rocky's spine from surgery, complicating his healing. My observation found the same.

I loved working with Rocky. We had a great connection. After treatment, his owner said it was like he was his old self again, and was able to stop all other treatments and could be wained off of his medication.

Shane is a racehorse that started having some emotional issues that seemed to come out of nowhere. He would start to panic just before a race, endangering himself, the people around him and the other horses. In a session with Sharon, she found two entities to be the reason for his out of character behavior. One entity was associated with fear and aggression, the other with a lot of sadness.


I traveled to meet Shane and his owner/trainer in Pennsylvania, accompanied by my partner Billy Monks (, another skilled and powerful healer who is very familiar with horses and energy work. After an entity clearing by me, and some healing work from Billy, Shane was remarkably and noticeably better right away. His owner commented on the look in Shane's eyes and how she felt she had her old horse back! Shane spent the rest of the afternoon romping around in the pasture and has been training fantastically since.

It has been a gift to participate and share the joy that these animals have experienced from healing energy work. I am left touched deeply by the spirit of each animal I have worked with, and been blessed to share
such a special time with them. It may not always produce the effect or results that the pets owner and I might desire, but I can see that something is definitely gained from these healings and by the comfort, love and caring they receive from the humans around them.