handfuls of money and life force

Where is your money right now? Do you have any on you? Is it neatly in your wallet, or stuffed in wads into your back pocket? Take your money out and look at it. Is it neatly categorized? Do you even know where all your money is?

Money = Life Force. Think about it: When you work, you expend your energy and spend your time and life force, and in exchange you receive payment for it. With this payment, you buy your food, pay bills and enjoy your life. By looking at how we relate to money, how we treat money, and how we spend money and enjoy money, we get a powerful insight into how we manage, enjoy and spend our life force.

Some people are quite organized when it comes to money, yet others have their cash all over the house, in pockets, in backpacks, and left in last week's pair of pants. Similarly, we often mindlessly spend our energy all over the place, wasting it, engaging in tasks here and there that serve no real purpose. Next thing you know, the day is “spent” and there is nothing left for what really matters or what needs to be done.

Do you handle your money with care?

If you handle your money with respect for the life force it represents, you will find that you spend it more consciously. Likewise, it highlights how you spend your life force. Spending your life force wisely means that you engage in things that matter most, avoid wasting time and respect your physical limits.

Do you live outside your means?

Living on credit is a habit of living beyond your means, literally borrowing life force to be paid in the future. Would you be so inclined to trade months of your life for a material possession? In a way, living beyond your means is just that.

Do you waste money?

Do you use your money for what you need and enjoy, or do you spend it irresponsibly on things you really don’t need or really never use? You also may be the kind of person who stays up late for no good reason, putters around on useless and joyless tasks, procrastinates, or agrees to do things you really don't want to do.

Do you have unpaid bills or unfinished projects?

Perhaps you also have put off a doctors visit or exercise. Unpaid bills carry a hefty late charge and fee. Postponing the care and maintenance of your body can also come at a price. Is it worth it?

Do you save money or spend it all? Do you rest your body, or push it to the brink? You may go on spending sprees, but do you also go on life force spending sprees, burning the candles at both ends, patching together your energy with coffee, sugar and stimulants? Spend your life force wisely just as you would spend your money wisely, with care, respect and appreciation.

Do you enjoy your money?

We are meant to enjoy our money, for it represents our life force given and spent, and therefore our abundance. Spend it wisely, regardless of how much or little you may have. Receive pleasure from what you use it for, with full awareness and appreciation for what it represents.

Postscript: This theme may be part of a larger topic, though it does reflect a reality that I have seen in my work that there is often a parallel between our relationship to money and our life energy.  

This is not a "more is better commentary," nor is it meant to equate money and life force as having equal value or importance. It is a reflection to invite readers to look at how we treat money, how we use it and work with it, as well as how we use and relate to our own life energy and the non material gifts in our lives.

I have seen this relationship revealed in my own life in surprising ways. I share this as is an invitation for all of us to see for ourselves: "Is there a pattern at large for me?" And to ask if the relationship between the two reveals any underlying beliefs about how we relate to life in general.