twilightforestWhen I used to work in an office in a typical 9 to 5 job, I would often come home drained to the bone by the end of the day. The office environment stressed me out so much! The phones, computers and the hum of the fluorescent lights seemed too much for me to bear on a good day. All I wanted was a moment to disconnect and have quiet away from the tech filled noise and activity of the day. I needed something to “cool off” from the buzz and vibration that our days are so full of.

It can be so tempting to come home and sink into an internet rabbit hole, zone out over a bad TV show, or comfort-eat until we hit the bottom of a cookie box. But then the cycle just continues. Instinctually, I knew I wanted to re-connect with something inside, something calm and rejuvenating.

I wanted to connect back to myself, to nature and the magic in life.

One night after work, I just couldn’t stand even turning on the light in my apartment! I wanted to stay in the cool quiet of the dark. My space seemed so soothing with the lights out. I decided to try and see how long I could go before I needed to use anything electric.

Reiki original symbol

The human body will heal itself given half the chance and the right circumstances.

We are naturally pre-programmed toward healing. Parents and close ones already intuitively know how to soothe, calm and heal those they love using touch, kind words and holding a certain emotional and energetic space. Reiki rides on this wisdom, supporting and  accentuating this natural healing ability while working on all levels of being: body, mind and spirit. Through these three levels, Reiki reaches deep within us to the roots and causes of imbalance and disease. 

The word Reiki has been translated most frequently as “Universal Life Force Energy,” one that is spiritually guided and with a certain kind of healing intelligence. But the word can also be translated to mean “Divine Will” or even “Holy Presence.” The old Japanese character for Reiki is a depiction of three open mouths being nourished by rain. This image seems to perfectly capture Reiki’s essential quality.


Like the infinity of the universe, time and the meaning of life, Reiki can be challenging to wrap our minds around! Yet, we are already in it and part of it. But how does it work?

In our natural and balanced state, the body is filled with a kind of light, a vitality and radiance. We experience this light as feelings of peace, optimism, resourcefulness and the joy of a strong healthy body.

This light comes as a result of how we treat our bodies, the nature of our environment, our relationships, level of stress, and mental and spiritual health. Our bodies and spirit tend to vibrate with these elements. It’s why we tend to feel great around things that promote life, like a day in nature, eating a healthy meal, or having a great laugh with a good friend.

rocky2I love doing energy work with animals. Unlike humans, who sometimes override their feelings and perceptions or get confused and wonder, "Is this real?" you can always count on an animal to let you know where they stand. If your energetic treatment is effective, you will see it on the animal's face, in their eyes, and in their manner and behavior. They either respond or don't.

Animals are not shy. They will not hesitate to jump on top of you for some energetic attention, or nonchalantly walk away when they are done. Doubt, disbelief and wishful thinking may interfere when treating people, but never animals.

In my practice, I have had some wonderful opportunities to work with animals in formal and informal settings. I have had many chances to give a friend's dog or cat a juicy dose of Reiki while they sit upon my lap or at my feet. And more formally, I am sometimes asked to help energetically address an animal's illness, emotional distress or behavioral issues. These can be the result of parasitic energies (entities) that have attached themselves to the pet, sometimes resulting in health changes or personality shifts. Other times the cause may be more physical, such as pain from surgery, injury or chronic illness.

handfuls of money and life force

Where is your money right now? Do you have any on you? Is it neatly in your wallet, or stuffed in wads into your back pocket? Take your money out and look at it. Is it neatly categorized? Do you even know where all your money is?

Money = Life Force. Think about it: When you work, you expend your energy and spend your time and life force, and in exchange you receive payment for it. With this payment, you buy your food, pay bills and enjoy your life. By looking at how we relate to money, how we treat money, and how we spend money and enjoy money, we get a powerful insight into how we manage, enjoy and spend our life force.