Kyle - New York City

Looking back, I am astounded how quickly I have grown, like a vine spreading through the Garden of Eden, flowers blossoming, bursting with life.  Before I met Robert, I wasn't even sure a seed existed but his guidance, wisdom, and heart poured light into me, feeding my truth. Today, I couldn't imagine again lying dormant like a packed seed sleeping among countless others.  Every time I see Robert I feel more alive and awake with so much clarity. Looking forward, I know I can only flourish."

Susan - Queens, NY

Robert is an amazing healer! I've been seeing him for Reiki treatments since 2005. He's a self disciplined and courageous person who continually engages with his own center and enhances his healing skills. Robert is gentle and intuitive, and perceives beyond what is communicated. His counsel and his hands-on work have been invaluable to my own healing process. Plus, he's a careful and thorough Reiki Master trainer.

Jennifer - New York City

Robert is an unusually talented therapist in that he can almost always find where injuries and irregularities lie, and then work on them to prevent and heal pain.  If you have pain or just want to feel good, Robert's your man.

Patrica - Yoga Therapist - New York City

Robert  is an authentic, passionate, gifted healer and an excellent teacher.  As a student who studied Reiki through the Master level under Robert's tutelage, I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning or experiencing Reiki.

Amy Celento - Handwriting Therapist - NY/NJ

Robert is a warm, responsive, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner dedicated to bringing transformation opportunities to clients.  I would recommend sessions with Robert to unlock your body, your mind and your potential.  

Frank - Brooklyn, NY

After more than 10 years working with Robert, I can say that every session with him is a memorable one.

First, because he is a gentle man who is sensitive to my aches and pains. Second, because he has an incredibly focused and consistent touch that never fails to release the stress and tension that I feel.  And third, because he takes me to a place that is both conscious yet resting - my definition of total relaxation. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have the benefit of what is truly restorative therapy.   

Katie - New York City

Robert had an immediate and thoughtful insight into a chronic condition which had reduced me to dispair. His caring and peaceful treatment calmed my system down while he eased blockages I did not even realize I had.

Marianne - Washington, DC

In the 15 years I have known Robert, I have experienced his capacity to weave together his gifts, technical skill, compassion and intuition in order to provide a session that is as healing as it is expansive. The sessions and the class time have have been both restorative and inspirational. In Robert I feel that I have found a  guide in my journey towards a balanced life, better health and a joyful spirit.

Theresa - New Jersey

Robert brings to his work a bridge to healing realms that comes from deep parts of himself. I don’t just feel helped.  I feel  re-connected to larger states of being and a sense of presence through Robert's guidance. Robert brings exactly what needed with gentleness, laughter, empathy, affection, fiery no-nonsense and loads and loads of heart.

He is a healer willing to go as far as you want on your path of personal transformation.  

Henry - New York City

Working with Robert is a truly lovely experience and a gift, with his background in Reiki and other healing modalities the difference is obviously there. Robert's nature and demeanor is very nurturing and sensitive. His awareness of all the aspects of the body help the session go deeper into your being, and help you bridge your awareness even further, penetrating your inner self. 

It is a pleasure and a joy to have Robert’s work, as it is one of the most nurturing and healing experiences. Please go and enjoy!

Stephanie - Brooklyn, NY

In two words, Robert is a 'miracle worker.'  Seeing him on a regular basis is *essential* to my life in New York City.

Carolyn - Queens, NY

I truly feel blessed to have met Robert – as he always goes above and beyond to help all those who cross his threshold.  You will not be disappointed and  I have no doubt you will recommend him to others.  He certainly has healing hands!

Stephen - Brooklyn, NY

I am very grateful that Robert is part of my health and well-being regimen.  I have been a client for over 10 years, and I continue to look forward to my sessions with great anticipation.  I know that for an hour and a half, Robert will take care of me, listening to what my body needs, and I will feel better than when I came in. 

Omayra - New York City

Robert is a natural teacher with a nurturing and generous spirit. Each time I see him I learn something new about myself.  My life has become richer and deeper.  His knowledge is very profound yet he remains humble and approachable; true nobility. 

Carmel - Brooklyn, NY

Robert’s gifted and delicate approach is imbued with a rare sensitivity that forms a wordless dialogue between him and his client.  I am grateful to Robert for his peacefulness and clarity, and the solid integrity he brings.

Julie Migneault - International Intuitive Coach

My session with Robert brought about life-changing awareness that kept deepening even days after the healing.  His gentle and safe touch, patience, and the way he was able to follow my wave throughout the session helped me to go deep within and reclaim pieces of myself.  I feel more grounded and more safe in my body.  I am so grateful for the safe and deep healing space that Robert held for me!